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Funny Status For Whatsapp in Urdu

Funny Status For Whatsapp in Urdu: Share very funny statuses with your friends in Urdu and english on whatsapp and facebook. There are a lot of ideas here to give a funny moment to your friends.

If it is possible to share a number of these amusing updates before your buddies, they'll see you've got a great eye for funny material. Everyone is out there attempting to develop funny status updates. It isn't always feasible to develop funny status updates, so as a way to make your hunt easier, here are a few really funny lines you may use.

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Sometimes we are not feeling good at home and getting bore when we are alone. So funny status in Urdu English are the best choice for you to read. You can share an awesome very funny joke with your friends to make them smile.

Getting a best collection of  funny statuses for whatsapp and facebook is not easy. So i am here going to give you a best collection of Urdu Funny Status for you.

List Of Best Funny Status For Friends

Log Kehty Zarur Hen k Khush Raha Kero..
Majal hai Zara Dair Bhi Rehny Den.. :-( :-D

funny quotes in urdu with pictures

Piyar Ker Lo To "Dil" Rota hai..
Shadi Ker Lo To Bachy.. :-D

funny urdu status for whatsapp

Ye Dunya Bhi Kitni Ajeeb Hai..
Jahan Aurten Dusri Aurton Ki Buraai Kerty Nahi Thakti,
Jab K Mard Dusri Aurton Ki Tareef Kerty Nahi Thakty.. :-)
Men Are Really Great.. :-D

funny quotes in urdu english

Bivi Se Ishqiya Baten Kerna Aisa Hi Hai
Wahan Kharish Kerna Jahan Ho Na Rahi Ho.. :-) :-D

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List Of Best Funny Status in English

When you see marked "9 minutes ago" below this status, notify me, I will take my pasta out of the water
Always wanted to get into a taxi to say "Follow this car"
Has the laziness to exploit its capacities
Thinks that the State of Encyclopaedia is a beautiful country

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Loves his bed so much that he sleeps with
Will all clamp to become an Oasis fruit and be part of their band
One day lazy men will dominate the world! … Not tomorrow, I'm done
Is so beautiful / beautiful that when he / she goes to the Supermarket the doors open all by themselves
Charlie is shown to a child in an image where he is not
Wonders if one day they will release a full U2 box and they will call it "Everything U2" ...
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God created the world! The rest is made in China
If I drink alcohol, I am an alcoholic. If I drink Fanta, I'm Fantastic !?

funny quotes in urdu for facebook

The guy who discovered milk, what was he doing with this cow?
There is no good reason for you to "love" your own status
Facebook: "I know everyone" Google: "I have everything" Internet: "Hey, do not talk too much, without me you're nothing" Electricity: "Good, your mouths! "
If the man descends from the monkey and the monkey comes down from the man, seeing your face, you must have missed all the branches
It is said that the end of the world is scheduled for late 2012 ... Impossible, my cookies will expire in 2013
Last days my Facebook page is Confession intimes
You're like a camera, you're canon then nikon ...

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Once looking at me in the mirror, I looked for the button "I like"
If you want to touch perfection, pass by me ...
To the proof that eternal love does not exist. On Facebook when you put "I like", you can put "I do not like" after ...
Mario will have done everything in his life except one thing: his job
If women ran the world, there would be fewer wars. Except during the sales, of course ...
Basically, does storing it do not return a little to fuck the mess in its disorder?
When I look in the mirror, I tell myself that nature is well done ...
Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram $ 1,000,000,000? - Oh, the stupid one! It could have downloaded it for free on the Appstore ...
Facebook should put a limit on the number of times people change their relationship status (single, couple, free relationship, etc ...). Beyond 3 times, they should set "Unstable" by default
Here BOB, the BOB, the best BOB, the average BOB, to occupy BOB, a con BOB, during BOB, thirty BOB, BOB seconds. [Relis this status by removing all BOBs]
Why should you click "Start" to stop Windows?
Mission impossible: do not touch a single fry on the way between the Drive and at home

funny sms urdu

 At what age should we admit to his dog that he was adopted?
To fall asleep, a sheep can count only on itself
At least, in my life I have already slaughtered a bear without pity, decapitated a crocodile with bare hands, and even sucked a smurf. And yeah my buddy ... Thanks Haribo
Crazy thing! There is a chain that circulates, this one is TRUE! It allows you to make a lot of money! I swear ... it works ..! It's called: "Raise your ass and work instead of writing crap on Facebook

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My favorite passage in "The Artist" is when he says: To the question: "What would you take to a desert island? "Why does nobody ever respond" a boat "?
Do not understand why in the Service of the Emissions, Omar & Fred have 6 telephones whereas it is always the same that sounds ...
Buy tomatoes. [The best way not to forget since I log on Facebook every day]
Gosh ! I have to go to La Poste to find a recommended tomorrow. Will have to find people to water my plants, monitor my mail, and feed the cat while waiting for my return ...

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