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Good Night Shayari For Friends in English | Night Quotes

Friends are born not made. These type of quotes are just for friends because there is no one relation can be compared with true friendship. You are the luck person if you have a true friend in your life and you are sincere with him.

good night shayari for friends in english

Sometime things are very awkward due to your life problems. In these problems you can't judge that who is giving care and importance to you and who loves you and want to be with you. Sometime you love a person who loves another person this can be ruined your life if you can't understand it on time in your life. 

good night shayari for dost

Always love to those who care you and have a lot of love for you. Always give response to your who want to stay in contact with you. Share Some Good Night Images with your friends at night to show that they have a place in your life and you want to stay in contact with your friends.

good morning shayari for friends in hindi

As we are talking about friendship so this post is specially for English Spoken friends. We are sharing here best good night shayari for friends in English which can be used to send in a private messages or used to update your status of whatsapp and Facebook to show your love for your friends.

Top Good Night Shayari For Friends in English

"Friendship doubles the joys and halves the penalties." 

"It is not so much the intervention of our friends that helps us, but the fact that we will always be able to count on them." 

"All the greatnesses of this world are not worth a good friend." 

"The older the friend, the better he is." 

"A true friend is the greatest of all possessions and the one of all that one least thinks of acquiring." 

romantic good night shayari for boyfriend

"There is no pleasure comparable to that of meeting an old friend, except perhaps that of making a new one." 

"The earth makes us wait for its presents every season, but we always collect the fruits of friendship." 

"When you give, you perceive more than you give, for you were nothing and you become." 

"What makes friendships indissoluble and double their charm is a feeling that lacks love: certainty." 

"I will take, in the eyes of a friend, the warmest, the most beautiful and the tenderest, that one sees only two or three times throughout a lifetime, and that makes this friend is your friend ... " 

"Who neglects the marks of friendship, ends up losing the feeling." 

"The happiness of a friend enchants us, he adds us, he takes nothing away, if friendship is offended, it is not." 

good night shayari in hindi with image

"We see that a friend is sure when our situation is not." 

"A friend understands us beyond appearances, he does us justice on every occasion, he helps us to go, at the risk of getting lost, where our destiny calls us." 

"The hard part is not being with friends when they are right, but when they are wrong." 

"Brambles cover the path of friendship when you do not go often." 

good night shayari wallpaper
"Let the sweetness of friendship be made of laughter and shared pleasures." 

"Blame your friend in secret, praise him in front of others." 

"A friend is the guy who always guesses when we need him." 

"I prefer to walk with a friend in the dark, only in the light." 

"That a true friend is a sweet thing, he seeks your needs in the depths of your heart, and spares you the modesty of discovering them to yourself." 

"The ideal of friendship is to feel one and stay two." 

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"Happy two friends who love each other enough (to know) to be silent together." 

"If they press me to say why I loved him, I feel that this can be expressed only by answering: Because it was him, because it was me." 

"When my friends are one-eyed, I look at them in profile." 

"The role of a friend is to be at your side when you are in error because everyone will be next to you when you are right." 
good night shayari for friends in english

"Never judge people on their dating: Judas, for example, had irreproachable friends." 

"The main characteristic of a friend is his ability to disappoint you." 

"A friend is someone you can count on to count on you." 

"When one dies of hunger, there is always a friend to offer you to drink." 

It is with friendship as with purity; The slightest wilting suffices to disturb its transparency. 

Love is not necessarily a reciprocal feeling. On the contrary, friendship, it seems to me, always requires reciprocity. "I can not be the friend of someone who is not my friend.

We do not learn love. It exists. Friendship is no more learned. 

Friendship is the similarity of souls. 

Only the distance of a kiss separates love from friendship. 

One day love asks friendship: "why do you exist?" - and friendship answers him: "to dry the tears you shed.

Love can do without esteem, not friendship. 

good night shayari for dost
Friendship doubles the joys and halves the penalties. 

Friendship injuries are inconsolable. 

Friendship is love without wings. 

I know how to make friendship better than love. 

It is good to treat friendship like wines and beware of mixtures. 

Friendship ends sometimes in love, but rarely love in friendship. 

Friendship without confidence is a flower without perfume.

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