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List of Really Funny Jokes In Hindi

What is the most intelligent, the blonde, the redhead or the brunette?
The redhead because it's a dictionary.

best english joke

When I find you, I will possess you.
That day, at the latest, I will carry you to bed.
Without asking your permission, I will approach, I will touch your whole body.
I will leave you with an enormous feeling of fatigue.
You will slowly feel chills running through your body and I will make you sweat.
I will leave you without breath, without air without being able to regain your spirits.
As long as I stay with you, you will not feel able to get out of bed!
I will leave without bidding farewell with the conviction that one day I will return ...

funniest joke

A gentleman visits a museum. Suddenly he stopped and said to the guide:  
"Ah, it's ugly!
"It is Picasso," replied the guide.
Farther on, he exclaimed again:
"Ah, it's really ugly!
- That sir, it's a mirror!

A guy said to another in a troquet:
- You're con! You're really stupid! It's not possible what you're con! I've never seen a con! Well, it's simple, if there was a competition of cons, you would finish second!
- Why second?
- Because you're too con to finish first!

joke in english santa banta

What is the difference between a ladder and a gun?
The scale is used to climb, the gun is used to descend.

2 men discuss:
- Much has been written about me.
"Ah, are you known?"
- No, tattooed

funny short joke

At the maternity a new father, uneasy, asks the midwife:
"Do you think my son resembles me?"
- Yes, but it does not matter, the main thing is that he is in good health!

What is a manifestation of the blind?
A festival of Cannes

A dog and a man sound on a boat. The dog flies, the man falls into the water and drowns. What is the breed of the dog?
A Pekinese. (A fool who drowns)

funny joke of the day

In a hospital, two fools play cards. Suddenly, a nurse arrives with a syringe. One of the fools exclaimed:
"Here, the lady of spades!

More Funny Jokes For Adults

Two friends meet. The one, inveterate player said to the other:
- I must announce to you a great news: I stop playing! No more casino, no tierce, no poker.
"" Bravo, "said the other. But forgive me, knowing you, I can not believe it. I'm sure you will not hold it!
- Oh, right? You bet how much?

joke of today

It was a young man who went back to the butcher's and said to him:
"Good morning, sir, I would like your daughter's hand."
And the butcher answers:
"OK, with or without bones?"

joke of today

What is the difference between Paris, Polar Bear and Virginia?
Paris is a metropolis, the polar bear is master at the Pole, Virginia loved Paul too much.

At the swimming pool, a swimmer gets enguirlander because he peeled in the water.
"But," he protested, "you exaggerate, I am not the only one to do that!"
"If you are the only one from the top of the diving board, sir!"

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