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Love Pics For Husband wife to share your lovely feelings with the help of these pics. Get free ideas to impress your wife or husband if you are unable to express your feelings.

Love relations can make your life full of happiness and make you more strong because you have some true relations. Here i'm going to share some Love Images for husband and wife so that you can make a romantic moment with your lovely family.

I'm posting some top rated pictures of love with quotes that can work for sure. Sometimes you need some really soft words with some expressions because you have no words to express your feelings then these pictures can help you a lot. Even you can melt a toughest heart with some lovely pictures with quotes.

List Of Love Pics For Husband And Wife

There is no better husband than he who knows how to keep his oaths.

A generous husband is no longer ordinary. 
The more husbands have power in their family, the less they must use it. 

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When a husband deceives his wife with his sister-in-law and his wife cheats him with his brother-in-law, adultery does not come out of the family and is therefore a more or less beautiful family. 

A woman married to a man who deceives her with her lover's wife, who deceives her husband with hers and is reduced to deceiving her lover with that of his wife because her lover is her husband and the wife of her lover Husband is the mistress of a man dishonored by the lover of a woman whose husband deceives his mistress with the wife of her lover no longer knows where she is or what she must do to not complicate a situation Which is already enough like that

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A foolish husband is driven only by his passions and by caprice, he is incapable of hearing the voice of reason. Not only is self-love continually mortified by having a husband for whom one is always in fear and often in confusion as soon as he opens his mouth in company; But a still greater inconvenience is that a fool passes his life to fear that his wife may be thought to govern him. It becomes impossible to lead him, and he does one hundred absurd and unpleasant things for her, by the mere desire of showing that he is the master of doing it.

Husbands are fathers of families, not masters. 

Woe to parents who use their moral ascendancy to impose on their daughter a husband who displeases him. 

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The virtue of a woman is never to be wrong with her husband. 

It is not fitting for an honest woman to please other than her husband. 

There are more bad husbands than good ones, and there is a great risk of meeting a brutal husband, a gambler, a debauchee, an alcoholic, a lazy man; It is the fate of an honest girl, who rarely has enough finesse to discern the hypocrites of her pretenders, their delicacy of make-up, of which a more experienced woman will not be the dupe.

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Of all the most unbearable burdens is a woman who believes that she is allowed everything because she brings a dowry to her husband.

The widows most to be pitied are those who are so widows of their husbands.

Lovers deceiving, deceived husbands: part and revenge

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An insipid husband, even unsociable, is better than an insolent lover.

A witty woman does whatever she pleases with a husband who esteems her. 

To know exactly what they fear to be, and what they are, alas! Almost always, the jealous husbands pretext a journey that never lasts long: they leave in the morning and come back in the evening. - As old as the Trojan horse, this cunning, known to everybody, is nonetheless infallible. This is because lovers, like sparrows and fish, always let themselves be caught in the same net. 

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The heart of a widowed wife of several husbands, and perhaps of some lovers, must resemble a cemetery. Everyone has his own little land, much in time, little in perpetuity. 
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The most ignorant woman knows, in a thousand points, longer than her husband. 

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A very bad husband would sometimes have been a perfect lover.

A woman always has more wit than her husband, when her husband has no friends but those whom she gives him, or which she allows him to have. 

A husband is not a companion of pleasures, but a brother-in-arms in the struggle of life.

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The lover who flies away is not worth the husband one holds. 
Who marries a widow should expect to hear about the example of the first husband.

A deceived husband, who pleads adultery, is an imprudent patient who aggravates his illness by widening the wound. 

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