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List of Saturday Morning Wishes with Quotes

What could be more disheartening than a couple fighting in the street on a Saturday night? 

Let somebody say suddenly: There is no insanity that can not pass through the brains of a woman, there will not be a man to contradict. On this one point, they are and will always and always agree. 

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This is probably what made one of my friends say: Scripture affirms that woman is the last thing God has done; He must have done it on Saturday evening; One feels fatigue.

It was a Saturday at six in the morning that I died after three days of illness.

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Saturday is terrible, the Sunday terrifying, Monday brings relief. Everything else is a stupid and malicious assertion. On Saturday, the storm is getting ready, on Sunday it breaks out, on Monday, calm has returned. Man does not love liberty, everything else is a lie, he knows nothing about freedom.

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There is no escaping the fact that our consumer society is constantly inventing a multiplicity of factitious, euphoric and laboriously repeated pleasures designed to maintain a state of emotional alert, which triggers diabolically a form of anesthesia thought. Does not an abyss separate these boxed happiness from inner happiness? Observe on television the participants of Saturday evening shows who jump for joy applauding a presenter with an automatic smile, these crusaders of incandescence as Pascal Bruckner calls them. How can we not be distressed at these gaudy demonstrations of a euphoria so far removed from true happiness?

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It's not working that scares me, it's spend five days a week hoping for Saturday. And make the face on Sunday, because there is on Monday. Like most of those I know and do not envy, regardless of their salary.

On leaving this Friday night, he was glad to be able to take refuge in the weekend. He would use Saturday and Sunday as two large blankets.

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Love loses its name as soon as it loses its physical feast, love goes away when the weekly embrace of the Saturday evening after the turbine arrives. He is right to flee, he is dementia and not usually, he is sun, not central heating.

Basically, the Jews do not stop wanting to kill Jesus because he is Jewish and heals people on Saturdays, without respecting the Sabbath. And he, in the name of the God of the Jews his father, repeats to them every street corner that their Jewish law is bad and that they have not gotten anything, he draws them from their temple and explains to them that the whores are worth Better than the priests. And then it is astonishing that he was nailed. A guy like that today in Jerusalem, he would not hold two days.

No Saturday without sun nor a woman without advice

A tooth rage always starts on a Saturday night.

The best thing about Sunday is Saturday night.

The hand that holds a broom on Saturday is the one that, on Sunday, caresses the best.

On Saturday, the weather slows down, before stopping quite on Sunday.

Never make love on Saturday night, because if it rains on Sunday, you will not know what to do.

Woman is the last thing God has done. He had to do it on Saturday night. One feels fatigue.

A Christian is a man who repents on Sunday for what he did on Saturday and will do it again on Monday.

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For my part, I am heterosexual. But we must admit, the bisexual has twice as many chances on Saturday night. 

Following the fact that Monday falls on a Tuesday this Wednesday, our meeting on Thursday will be held on Friday this Saturday because Sunday is a public holiday.

Wednesday is the worst day of the week. He is no longer in the Sunday area and not yet in the beginnings of Saturday. 

The world is full of artists who are only six hours a week, from Saturday morning to Sunday night. 

If the English hesitate to go to a comedy on Saturday night, it's because they are afraid of laughing at the Sunday service.

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Adolescence is when you spend a Saturday night sitting at home doing nothing and when the phone rings, we hope it's not for us

A modern physicist studies quantum physics on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and meditates on the theory of gravitational relativity on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On Sunday, he prays ... so that someone finds the correlation between the two. 

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Geography, it's not just to make war.

Geopolitical analysis is also a means of warding off wars or finding a solution to certain conflicts.

Geography does not only serve to make geopolitics. It is also useful for everyone to admire more beautiful landscapes, better understanding how they are built. 

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