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There are too much nicest feelings and things to do with your body and mind. you can share some wise and lovely words with someone you love. You will feel happy when you get some good response. Sometime you may feel relax when someone lightly touches the back of your head, near your neck.Like when those hair salon people massage it during shampooing. Good it feels so good.

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Linked by well-directed dreams evening work to morning work.

But under our embraces, I felt a distress impossible to dissipate. The sadness was in us and I think we had pity on ourselves that night as if we were other people contemplating this couple lying together on the bed.

The journey lasted two and a half days; From April 13th till dawn till the evening of the 15th at Auschwitz-Birkenau. This is one of the dates I shall never forget, with that of January 18, 1945, the day we left Auschwitz, and that of the return to France, May 23, 1945.

Tonight I am condemned to live to watch with the certain night she goes away she left her step has not made a noise she is no longer there she is not here there is more that me A strangled black cry tense a winter silence in summer

My fantasy, it would be to go to make a small film under the direction of a director with whom I would get along well. In the Drôme, you see, towards Montélimar. In a village where you can drink in the evening, eat in good restaurants and have a nice little role in a nice little movie with nice actors. I dream of that. Why go to Hollywood when we have Montelimar? Here !.

The evening papers pressed the lemon a little longer. If we had nothing to say, we could always publish interwiews of people who did not realize they had nothing to say

Permit me to invite you to the morning of tomorrow evening. But in the apotheosis that rainy weather threatens to rain, then the show, instead of tomorrow night, will be advanced to tomorrow morning at eleven o'clock in the afternoon.

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Thank you my friends, thank you for being there, for fighting with courage and kindness because yes tonight, you won, France won!
Serenity through forgetfulness, beatitude by nothingness, drunkenness to emerge from the darkness like a coma, is the unattainable nirvana of millions of insomniacs who can not catch hold in the evening and fail To reconnect it in the morning.
Yes, you see me returned of all my errors I am not the same of yesterday evening

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good evening images free download

I know the skies flashing in lightning, and the whirlwinds / And the surges and the currents: I know in the evening.
Tonight I put my husband to the test. I did not want to, I had not even planned it, but I had spent the day torturing myself. Why had he lied to me? Why ? And does he lie to me every day? 
Each time, in the evening, when I think of my faults, I fall asleep right away.

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The horizon is closer tonight than this morning.
last night I was reading a book and suddenly I realized that I did not understand anything and that I was thinking of you.

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If you do not have them both at the end of the evening, I'll get a Happy Meal.

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I came into life with complete indifference. What does it matter to me, provided I do something in the morning, and that I am somewhere in the evening? 
"Who laughs in the morning in the evening weeps."
The beautiful day proves in the evening.

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Forests in the evening make noise while eating.
We're gay in the morning, we're hanging in the evening
A tooth rage always starts on a Saturday night.

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The evening of life brings with it his lamp.
Leaving early in the morning decides in the evening.
Evening pipe makes the boss full of hope!

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I feel that tonight I will conclude
Prayer must be the morning key and the evening lock.
The words spoken in the morning do not have the same destiny in the evening.

In the evening of this life you will be judged on love.
The maid sighs in the morning and the orphan in the evening.
The best thing about Sunday is Saturday night.

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