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List Of Best Funny Comments For Friends

The actors have a singular language: They remember, improvise, color their memory, quote forgotten formulas, even invent funny, cruel phrases that repeat themselves and become quotations.

So high that we go up, we still do not finish ashes.

It is better to shut up and pass for a con rather than speak and leave no doubt on the subject.

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Entertainment is the best diet against the weight of existence.

I have not talked to my mother-in-law for 18 months. I do not like to interrupt.

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The last time I penetrated a woman was by visiting the statue of Liberty.

He was Norman not his mother and Breton by a friend of his father.

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It is always the cons who prevail. Question of supernumerary!

A good husband never remembers the age of his wife but his birthday, always.

It is better to mobilize his intelligence on bullshit than to mobilize his bullshit on intelligent things.

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When I look at a woman's chest I see double.

Men are always sincere. They change their sincerity, that's all.

Since I have learned to laugh at myself, I never get bored.

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To be neutral is to take advantage of the embarrassment of others to arrange their affairs.

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When you are 20 years older than a woman, it is she who marries you.

Give me a bath without water, I have no time to dry!

A local policeman is a policeman who shots at close range.

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Household comfort corrupts; A straight man is a man who has no sink.

I would like to know the music whose tail of my dog ​​beats the measure.

In the sky, the policeman is British, the chef is French, the lover is Italian, the mechanic is German and the Swiss administrator. In hell, the policeman is German, the English chef, the Swiss lover, the French mechanic and the Italian administrator.

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Some books resemble Italian cuisine: they stuff but do not fill.

I love cats because there are no police cats.

At home, the bulls are stretched so that they make more use.

Our head is round to allow thought to change direction.

You have to be three to enjoy a good story. One to tell it well, one to taste it, and one not to understand it. .. For the pleasure of the first two is doubled by the incomprehension of the third.

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When Christ revived, it first appeared to women for the news to spread faster.

Put all your eggs in the same basket and watch the basket.

Saving is a good thing especially if your parents did it for you.

I passed an excellent evening. .. but it was not this one.

Celebrity is not easy to assume. I do not see anything worse! So, maybe anonymity.

When I learned that Xavier Bertrand belonged to Freemasonry, I was not surprised to find him a mason; But frank, it stops me a corner

Have you seen how Mr. Sarkozy is popular in the Amazonian forest?

One must be aware of the depth of the question of meaning.

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