Good Night Quotes And Sayings For Her From the Heart

Checkout the best collection of good night quotes for him/her from the heart. Share these sayings about love with your lover when you are alone and miss her at night. You fall in love with someone but she doesn't love you. You are doing too much love but don't get a response as you want. You are thinking that she never completely fall in love with you? 

We will discuss here solution of your problem. we will provide you best ideas and lovely quotes which can help your partner to fall in love with you.

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The eyes of love, at night, are born. I cherish the hope of making you mine forever.

Never love those who have lust in you. because its just the waste of time. There is no affection in it. You need to have a best of best partner which help you in your life. You need a person who care you always and give you love whenever you need. So whenever you are falling in love make a good decision. Never consider only beauty just look at the nature of your partner. 

In the black night, on a black stone, a black ant. God sees it.

It is the night it is beautiful to believe in the light.

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When I see you, my eyes are like the sky at night: filled with stars
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Top Good Night Quotes With Love For her 

Last night I had a wonderful dream, do not miss it.

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The night you are in my dreams, the day you haunt my thoughts, but the only place where I do not see you is in my arms.

At night I have a ghost, a face, a smell and memories. I think I miss you.

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Days pass, night stays. Now I miss you. Sometimes it's your arms, sometimes it's your steps I think I recognize. Most of the time, it's you all.

No day followed the night, no night was followed by the dawn, which did not hear tears mingled with painful wails, companions of death and black funerals.

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In the night of the tomb, the years brought it down.

Our life is like a winter's day; We are born between midnight and one o'clock in the morning; The day is not before eight o'clock, and it is not yet four o'clock in the afternoon that it is night again; At midnight comes death.

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That night an angel will come to see you and give you the thousands of kisses I've kept for you.

Thought is but lightning in the middle of the night, but it is this lightning which is everything.

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Death, my son, is a good for all men; It is the night of that anxious day which is called life.

Where we love each other, it is never dark.

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It is God who puts love at the end of everything, love in whom all life, love on whom everything poses! It is God who makes the night more beautiful than the day. It is God who, on your body, my beautiful sovereign, has poured beauty into a full cup, and in my heart love!

Life is that, a piece of light that ends in the night.

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And what is a century? A minute in the night.

Let us demand immortality And refuse to return Little by little towards the hidden face of the night.

I dream of the awakening when the dawn of the night takes me away.

The authority of those who teach mostly hurts those who want to learn.

Grief is like an ocean: deep, dark and so vast that it can engulf us. Sadness is like a thief in the night: silent, uncontrollable, unjust.

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Love is the cry of the dawn. Love is the hymn of the night.

At night all the griefs get drunk.

A heart that griefs night and day poisons, he himself knows, alas! If he is generous.

Among lovers, everything is pleasing, everything is perfect; Among the spouses, weary and weary. Duty is a nightmare: each is thus done.

Memories are our strengths. When the night tries to come back, we must light the big dates, as we light torches.

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