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Dear Lord,The evening comes, the day is done. Let peace wash over my household throughout the dark of night and in the few still hours of the next morning. Wipe away our troubles. Cleanse us of worry and doubt. Through You, may Your magnificent good be our protection forever more. Amen !

Good Night My Sweet Heart.

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Dear God,
The day was long and trying. I am grateful for its end. As I lay here waiting for sleep to overtake me, I count the blessings in the day that has passed. Work was hard, I’m blessed to have a job. My kids were frustrating, I’m blessed to have them. My body aches, I’m blessed to have medication. The list goes on, but #1 is, even when I struggle, I am blessed to have faith. Thank You Lord for giving me a daily opportunity to rest and refresh.

Best Prayer to share at night with your friends and family.

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Dear God,
My head is heavy, the body weary. It’s time for sleep and I succumb. I am thankful O God for rest and renewal. A time to re-charge. A time to dream. A time of quiet. I am thankful for all I have.

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No doubt everyone have a stressed mind especially in night when you work whole day and deal with a lot of persons of different types. You must need to laugh for some time to get rid from your stress or tension in your mind. We are sharing a best idea with you with funny good night images for friends and you. 

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Dear God, 
Dispel my fear. End my anxiety, wipe worry from my mind. May I know the power of Your love and the wisdom of Your word. Grant me a peaceful sleep tonight and bring me back tomorrow to a place of safety, security, and right-minded thinking.

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Best Prayer to send to your most beloved one
As I lay myself to rest,
I pray my loved ones will be blessed.
God, watch over me tonight,
Bless me with Your love so bright.
The angels they will dance and sing,
And to me, sweet dreams they bring.
When I wake to greet the day,
God I know you'll light the way.
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Dear God,
I say a prayer for Your protection to send angels to me with love and attention. Keep me safe and those I love, as You watch us from above.

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Dear God,
Work Your wonders. May the sun bring me new energy by day, and the moon softly restore my soul by night. Let rain wash away worry and the breeze blow new strength into my being. I will walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of my life.
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Dear God, 
You are my reason for being. You are why I wake up each day, and sleep peacefully each night. Every single second is a sacred moment as I live utterly devoted to You.

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Dear Lord, 
When others tear me down, You lift my spirits. When all hope is lost, You are the one who gives me reason to dream again. I feel Your universal beauty and my heart opens to Your radiance. Thank You for the blessings You bestow upon me.
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After A Terrible Fight..
Wife: I want to hear a last word from your mouth
and after that, I'll permanently go to my mother's house..
Husband: "TAXI"... ;-)

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Husband To Wife:
"Wow Darling..,
The House is So clean..!!!
Was the WhatsApp Server down

Wife: No..
Husband: (Surprised)

Wife: I Lost my Phone Charger,
had to put things in place
to look for it... 
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When There Is a Long Gap Between
Engagement & Marriage,,
Who Is Most Benefited ?
It's The
Mobile Company.. 

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A man walks into a Bar and orders a shot of Whiskey
then looks into his pocket.
He does this over and over again.

Finally, the bartender asks:
"Why you order a shot of whiskey and
afterwards look into his pocket.

The man responded:
"I have a picture of my wife in there
and when she starts to look good
then i'll go home".. 

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* Don't be s0 Pr0fessional & Busy that u f0rget urself & ur friends
in the end
U w0uld be like
Wh0 b0iled
his watch
in place of egg

Albert Einstein
wh0 in his life
didn't c0mb his hairs
L0uis Pasteur
wh0 even f0rg0t
t0 reach in his
0wn wedding.

Dedicated t0
all my hardw0rking
& busy Friends...!

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Little red riding hood didn't listen to her mother.
Jasmine ws in a live in relationship wid Alladin.
Snow White alone lived wid seven men.
Pinnochio was a liar.
Robin Hood ws a thief.
Tarzan walked without clothes on.
A stranger kissed sleeping beauty n she married him.
Cindrella lied, sneaking out at night to attend a party.
These are the stories our parents
raised us wid n den they complain
our generation is spoiled.. 

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Why do Cows have Bells Hung on their Neck..
Bcoz There HORNS don't Work.. ;-)

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