Good Night Picture Message For Her | Messages for Good Night Wishes

Checkout our collection of good night picture messages for Facebook and whatsapp status. Messages are the best way to keep in touch with your relatives, and friends. We are posting here messages for good night wishes to your all contacts with only one click. 

Good Night Picture Message for Her | Messages for Good Night Wishes


Send good night pictures messages to your friends to ensure that you can’t forget them in any stage of life. They are always on first priority whenever you make any decision. Good night pictures messages, good night wishes and sending sweet messages at night are the best activities to make your place in anyone’s heart. 


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No one here want to see anyone in happy mood. All of us want to hurt if anyone want to love with us. But this is our bad luck we never accept our relation. Wish anyone at night before you sleep it will make a good effect on your relation. You can choose your own good night pictures messages from here and share it with your friends. 


Do you remember our encounters - And this evening of azure, Feverish and tender words, O my beloved, O my love

The love is blind . The proof, in doing so there are people who bawl. 

In love, there is only the first false step that costs. 

Only love can keep someone alive. 


To love oneself is the assurance of a long history of love. 

We should always be in love. That's why we should never get married. 

The only way to behave with a woman is to make love with her if she is pretty, and with another if she is not. 


Man wants to be the first love of woman, whereas woman wants to be the last love of man. 

Love is a sacrament that must be taken on its knees. 


The oaths of love are like the wishes of sailors, they are forgotten after the storm. 

Fantasized love is better than lived love. Do not go to the act, it's very exciting. 

Love is only a step, a momentary stop on the road to life. 

The price of Love is only Love, ... We must love if we want to be loved. 


When our heart makes Boum - Everything with him says Boum - And it is love that awakens. 

My heart flies to you - And all alone tenderly I see again - The time so short - Of your last stay - Where we both lived our love ... 

Love is a small boat - Who goes away, joyous, on the wave, - Sailing to new countries - Random of his vagabond race. 

It only takes a look, - A confession, a song - To understand love. - Just these little things - To make good days. 

In memory of you tenderly I hummed - This song of love whose sweet refrain - Talked of Spring, now it is Autumn - I remember you, I remember us ... 

So many birds in the world - So many letters of love - That the factor brings - And slips under the doors - It's the courier of the heart - The mail of happiness.

Love is waiting for someone forever ... an adventure is waiting for someone only since we know him. 

There is only one remedy for love: to love more. 

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Good Night Pictures