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Good Night Images Free Download for WhatSapp 

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A certain romanticism is at the heart of every woman. 

The romantic phrase of Bernard de Ventadour: "I am his friend, his vassal, and require no other favor than a glance of his sweet eye; For it does me great good when I suffer (I). "

A poet is a nightingale who, seated in the darkness, sings to enliven his own solitude with sweet sounds. 

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The romantic phrase of William of Sl. Didier: "She can make me rich, by granting me one of the threads of her glove or the hair that falls on her mantle

It is important to have a certain degree of sexual desire, a euphoria, in romantic love as in his friendships. 

The romantic phrase of William of Cabestaing: Ah, when will the hour of reward come, this hour when you will want to honor me until you give me the name of friend? 

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Not only is the idol so much invoked above all earthly perfection; Not only does his aureole eclipse a diadem; But the divine beauties can not be compared to it. Hence it is more important to conciliate his good graces than the favors of heaven. These irreverences must not be taken too literally; It is one of the most characteristic features of romantic poetry.

Life is a sleep, love is the dream, and you will have lived, if you have loved. 

"If God allows me to obtain his love, a desert with it, so much I desire it, will be for me paradise.

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Few men have the temper of a great destiny, and few women can live as adults the great romantic love of their youthful dreams. 

It is only by beautiful sentiments that fortune is attained. 

To love love is to love oneself. 

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It is less easy to regulate the heart than to disturb it.

The romantic phrase of Guillem de Cabestaing: "If I had the same faith, the same fidelity to heaven as to my lady, God would certainly admit to me demon living in paradise

He alone knows the love that loves without hope. 

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Romanticism is what touches sensibility, it invites emotion. 

Little hug that makes good morning hand in hand. 

Love velvet love a day love always love short.

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Love lends its name to an infinite number of trades which are attributed to it, and where it has no share except the doge to what is done in Venice.

"One single being misses you, and everything is depopulated"

"To love is not to look at each other, to look together in the same direction"

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"When we love someone, we always have something to say to him or write to him until the end of time"

"When you love someone, it's scary how little you think about others"

"The lover steals a kiss, he incurs perpetuity"

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"I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when we are together."

"Love is a conversation ... Love is when we talk only to each other, and when the other only talks about you."

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"Love is a sea whose wife is the shore"

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"It's wonderful when you're in love"

"This immense fortune to be two"

"There is nothing more complete than a couple that goes through time and accepts that tenderness invades passion"

"Love is the unique opportunity to mature, to take form, to become a world for the love of the beloved."

"To two one has better life, one exchanges the constraints, one passes from the why to the how"

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"Love is stronger than being loved"

"It's love that makes you dream"

"I will offer you pearls of rain coming from countries where it does not rain"

"Love is a dream for two"

"Love is a bohemian child. He has never, ever known a law"

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